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How To Spot Geologist In the Field/ Cara Mengenali Geologist Di Lapangan! Hahahaha… kocak! Geologist abis!!!

From: Ryan Silka

How to spot a Geologist

To spot a geologist in the wild, look for:

– Often awkward and unsure around people who don’t know the difference
between a rock and a mineral

– Someone who thinks the best topic of conversation involves new
fossil and dust discoveries!!

– Hand-lens, compass, pen-knife, handcuffs etc. tied round neck with string.

– Someone with a beard and Sandals… Jesus was a Geologist (actually,
carpenters back then were also stonemasons, so there is some truth to
that statement)

– Someone who owns a pet rock and is not eight (in the case of
paleontologists, this will be their closest friend), with said ‘pet’
often found hanging from keys.

– Someone with not much enthusiasm on the subject of dinosaurs.
Geologists consider an event a ‘mass’ extinction only if 80% of the
living organisms die and get buried in sediment for conservation.

– Someone explaining to airport security that a sidewall core covered
in gunpowder residue isn’t really a weapon.

– Someone who only includes people in photos for scale, and has more
pictures of his/her rock hammer and lens caps than of family and

– Someone who brings beer instead of water when hiking.

– Someone whose child is trained to know the geologic timescale before
being able to walk.

– Someone who considers a “recent event” to be anything that has
happened in the last hundred million years.

– Someone who licks and/or scratches & sniffs rocks or in case of
china clay will eat it to prove its perfectly safe.

– Someone who will willingly cross an eight-lane interstate on foot to
determine if the outcrops are the same on both sides.

– Someone who can pronounce the word molybdenite correctly on the first try.

– Someone who thinks a “sexual exploit” is lying naked on an outcrop
so the satellite will photograph them on the next pass.

– Someone who hires student assistants with an eye to whether they can
run slower so the bears get them first.

– Someone who from personal experience knows the difference between
Arctic grade and summer grade diesel fuel.

– Someone whose collection of petrified wood samples is stacked like cord wood.

– Someone who almost crashes his/her car looking at road cuts while driving.

– Someone who often explains how their boozy coffee with whipped cream
resembles a layered igneous complex.

– Someone who knows the phylum, kingdom, and genus of every ancient
creature lodged in stone, some of which look nothing like an animal,
but can’t remember his/her mother’s, or spouse’s, birthday.

– Someone who, when asked what this rock is says, “Leverite, so leave
her right there.”

– Someone who walks out of a bathroom and asks if you noticed the
fossils in the stall dividers.

– Someone whose shorts expose way more leg than you ever wanted to see.

– Someone who rocks the party and is the schist everywhere they go.

– Someone who can say, “Gneiss Cleavage” or talks about slaty cleavage
and means it in a non-derogatory sense.

– Someone who gets really upset when the countertop, which is
obviously mafic/aphanitic/metamorphic, is called granite and takes 20
minutes to tell you why you’re wrong.

– Someone who can’t use a street map because it doesn’t have contour lines.

– When helping someone move and you ask “is this box full of rocks?”
They answer “yes, be careful.”

If you remain unsure, ask the subject to draw an annotated diagram of
a trilobite. A true geologist will immediately reach for their
waterproof notebook – this is your opportunity for escape.

  1. Agustus 4, 2009 pukul 8:15 am

    kok kayak bukan manusia sih rie?

    • Arie
      Agustus 5, 2009 pukul 4:20 am

      Hehehehe… tapi itu mang kenyataan.
      Kita mah emang beda dari yang lain, that’s why sometime geologist tend to be friend with another geologist too. Hehehehe…

      Tapi kalo aku mah… wajar2 aja lah. Gak terlalu geek kayak gitu. Heee…

      Thanks dah komen!

  1. Juni 28, 2009 pukul 9:14 pm

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